Climate change and the role of policy, politicians and Generation Z

Matthijs Sienot Brian Dermody Detlef Meijer André van Schie

Liberal Green, the sustainability network and think tank of the Netherlands’ VVD, is organizing an expert panel discussion on climate change, the role of policy, politicians and Generation Z.

Practical information

Date: February 19
Time: 19:00-22:00
Venue: University College Utrecht – Auditorium
Address: Kriekenpitplein 1, 3584 EC Utrecht

Register by emailing Seats are limited.


  • Matthijs Sienot, member of parliament for D66 Liberal Democrats, with the portfolio sustainability
  • Dr. Brian Dermody, assistant professor of Innovation Studies, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University
  • Detlef Meijer, local energy transition expert at utility Firan (formerly Alliander DGO)
  • André van Schie, VVD lead candidate in provincial elections in Utrecht
  • Bram Cool (moderator), board member of Liberal Green and CEO of Ezwim
  • Somaye Dehban (master of ceremony), ambassador of Liberal Green and managing director of Your Funding Network.


  • 19:00: Doors open, registration and welcome drinks
  • 19:30–21.30: Program
  • 21.30–22.00: Networking drinks

Topics for debate

  • Why is the Netherlands last on the EU list of sustainable energy production with Malta and Cyprus?
  • Hot buttons: all vegan and no flights, CO2 tax, more nuclear energy, birth control, or just wait for innovation?
  • What is the role of innovation in the energy transition, and what is the role of government in innovation?
  • Is climate change a geopolitical risk and should we treat it as a military problem?
  • Who drives change? Politicians? Corporate boards and investors? Generation Z?